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Smart Home Automation Services

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Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation Services are designed to help make your life easy and simplified.  Picture yourself controlling everything in your house from anywhere at anytime.  Simply adjust your home entertainment, lighting, home security, and climate from your tablet or smartphone.  The Total Control system by URC simplifies the management of your home by uniting everything within one easy to use controlled device.  With this system is designed to expand, as your family needs change.  The possibilities are endless; the choices are simple.

Control Home Entertainment

Control all of your entertainment from any room in the house.   Play your favorite music from anywhere in or around you home.  Stream your music from your IPhone or top online music sources to every room.  Even take older records and cds and stream the music anywhere you want.

Security Cameras

Check on the kids, or see who is at you front door.  Whether you are home or on the road.

Automated Lighting

Save money and energy!  Personalize your lighting levels for entertaining, or different times of the day; one touch sets the mood.  Set your lighting to come on/off automatically when you want it or during sunrise/sunset.  We can even automate any existing lamp!

Thermostat Control

One of the biggest uses of energy is your HVAC system.  Now you can make your home more energy efficient by using your system when you want to.  How would you like to have the ability to use a "home" or "away" button?  Control your system from anywhere the office, out of town, or even from the comfort of you own bed!

Access Control

Gone for the day and you need to let someone in the house?  We have the answer. Unlock your front door remotely and view on your camera system who is at your door.  This makes it easy for taking daytime deliveries, letting in family members, or making it easy for your dog walker.

Automated Shades

With the addition of automated blinds and shades, all the effort can be taken out of opening and closing these window treatments. This is extremely helpful for large homes with many windows or windows that are difficult to reach. Once tied into your home automation system, automated shades can be opened or closed at a particular time of day, by season or even outdoor temperature.

Imagine the blinds in the master bedroom opening automatically at sunrise each day. Lower the blackout shades in the theater room automatically when the room is turned on. Close the blinds on an entire wall of multiple windows with the touch of a button.

*”Worry Free” 24 Point Customer Care Plan

A Nola AV, LLC ”Worry Free” 24 Point Customer Care Plan gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your Smart Home Automation System is being maintained to all factory standards and that unexpected service call costs are completely eliminated

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