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Security Detection

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Alarm Monitoring

Home and business communication technology is changing rapidly. Gone are the days when everyone relied on analog phone lines known as a POTS (plain old telephone service). Alarm systems have adapted to these changes. Advances in technology mean there are now several options for alarm system communications. We offer all the latest technology to keep you connected and protected.

security detection

Basic Phone Line Monitoring: During an intrusion, the system uses the analog phone line to connect with our central station and communicate the emergency. This technology has been around for years and is extremely reliable. The disadvantage is many homes and businesses have access to the phone line from the exterior of the structure. If your phone line is cut, the system will not be able to send an emergency signal and there will be no response.

Two-Way Voice Monitoring: Two-way monitoring is the ability for our dispatcher to listen in to your home over an intercom during an alarm event and communicate with the occupants inside. At Procom Security we feel this is a valuable service for medical monitoring. U.L. listed burglary and fire monitoring cannot be 2-way. Many alarm companies sell 2-way monitoring as an upgrade and will promise customers false results such as faster police response in the event of an alarm. While 2-way monitoring may serve customers well in some situations, it is not recommended as the preferred method of monitoring.

Cellular Monitoring: With cellular monitoring, we install a cellular communication device on your security system and the signals transmit wirelessly over the GSM cellular network to our dispatchers. Your alarm system remains fully functional even if your phone line is cut. Many of our customers have disconnected their landline service and use the cellular device as their alarm system’s primary communication method. Recent advances in this technology now allow 2-way voice over the cellular channel.

IP Monitoring: IP Monitoring requires a special control panel with an Ethernet port. The alarm system plugs in directly to your local network router. Alarm signals transmit directly over the Internet to the central station. This type of monitoring can be combined with cellular monitoring or phone line monitoring as a backup. The image to the right shows the difference in clarity from analog to digital.

Security Systems

Just like each one of us, our homes are unique. Therefore, every home has its own set of security needs. Our customized home security systems utilize the latest wireless technology, sleek design options, and a dependable 5-diamond award winning monitoring services.

When choosing home security, be sure the alarm system fits your home. You should never be boxed into small number of sensors or specific monitoring types. Nola AV, LLC offers various sized packages that are affordable and can be customized to fit your needs. Secure your home and achieve peace of mind – all for the lowest price in the industry.

Using wireless equipment from the very best manufacturers in the industry. We install everything from basic detection coverage to our interactive services that allows you to manage home systems from a laptop, tablet or smart phone. Even control thermostats, locks, and lights. For a more extensive Home Automation System please click here.

Total Connect Remote Access: Total Connect is our remote access service. This service is an upgrade to cellular monitoring and IP monitoring. You must have a cellular radio or IP controller for Total Connect to be functional. With Total Connect you can control your alarm system from any location in the world via the Internet. Connect with your laptop or any major smart phone. We offer a free app for IPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Customized text messages or emails alert you of alarm system events. You can receive alerts when the system is armed/disarmed and for burglar and fire alarms. You will know in seconds if your alarm detects an emergency.

HD Security Cameras

Nola AV offers video surveillance systems that go well beyond traditional security cameras and monitors. Our experts can install HD video recording equipment and provide remote access to your system from any PC or smart phone from anywhere in the world. We can custom design a scalable system to meet your needs and budget.

Home security cameras are for all types of families living in all types of homes. A visible camera mounted outside lets people know that digital video captures every move made outside your door. Nola AV offers two types of camera systems HD-CVI, and IP.

HD-CVI: This is a brand new technology that was released in 2014. Now we can upgrade any existing Analog camera system with runs of up to 750 ft. with 720p or 1080p HD Video. It can also be offered as a new installation. The benefit of HD-CVI is that it is the most affordable HD Surveillance system.

IP: IP allows for 720p or 1080p resolution with high Megapixel Camera screen shots, the ability to auto-focus, and zoom in. They are the most advanced camera system on the market today. IP Camera's have the ability to be viewed across a network linking one or more site locations onto one NVR. IP camera's can also be linked in with home automation controllers and offer the best PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) options.

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