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HD Security Cameras

Nola AV offers video surveillance systems that go well beyond traditional security cameras and monitors. Our experts can install HD video recording equipment and provide remote access to your system from any PC or smart phone from anywhere in the world.  We can custom design a scalable system to meet your needs and budget.

Home security cameras are for all types of families living in all types of homes. A visible camera mounted outside lets people know that digital video captures every move made outside your door.  Nola AV offers two types of camera systems HD-CVI, and IP.

HD-CVI: This is a brand new technology that was released in 2014. Now we can upgrade any existing Analog camera system with runs of up to 750 ft. with 720p or 1080p HD Video. It can also be offered as a new installation. The benefit of HD-CVI is that it is the most affordable HD Surveillance system.

IP: IP allows for 720p or 1080p resolution with high Megapixel Camera screen shots, the ability to auto-focus, and zoom in. They are the most advanced camera system on the market today. IP Camera's have the ability to be viewed across a network linking one or more site locations onto one NVR. IP camera's can also be linked in with home automation controllers and offer the best PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) options.

*”Worry Free” 12 Point Customer Care Plan

A Nola AV, LLC ”Worry Free” 12 Point Customer Care Plan gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your security system is being maintained to factory standards and that unexpected service call costs are completely eliminated.

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